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Saddle Trial Policy

Please click icon to download our Saddle Trial Policy 

Corsia Equestrian Saddle Trial Policy Used saddles purchased through Corsia Equestrian come with a 7-day trial policy automatically included so you can ensure the correct fit for you and your horse before you make a final decision.


At the time of your order, you will be charged for the saddle plus shipping/insurance. The purchase price of the saddle is refundable if you need to make a return. See the trial policy terms below for details. Only the shipping/insurance is non-refundable.


A written copy of the trial terms will be included with your saddle order. A copy of the standard trial policy terms for domestic trials may be viewed below.


Some key terms include: Length of trial is seven (7) days. These days are calculated as the date of delivery plus six additional calendar days.

• Deadline for initiating saddle return shipping is no later than three (2) additional business days after trial period ends.

• Saddle needs to be returned in same condition for full refund of saddle purchase price. • Acceptable return shipping methods are UPS, FedEx, or USPS Priority.

• Shipping/insurance is not refundable.

• Saddles are sold as-is.


The trial period serves as your opportunity to inspect and test ride the saddle. You are welcome to have your trainer and/or saddler inspect the saddle.



We hope that the item you have selected will work nicely for you and your horse. If not, we can arrange for a return. Below are the details. Please read carefully, as good communication, timely notice, and timely return shipping are among the necessary components of getting a refund if the item does not work for you. We have provided these terms in great detail for your reference so that there is no confusion on how to get your refund in case you need to make a return. It has been our experience that providing detailed instructions helps to expedite the refund process in the event that you do need to make a return. Thank you. We greatly appreciate your business.


1. Length of trial: The trial period is seven days. Trial days are calculated as the date of delivery plus six additional calendar days. (For example, if you receive the item on Monday, your trial period would be Monday through Sunday.

2. In case of shipping damage: If you believe the item has been damaged in shipping, please contact us immediately upon receipt of the item, before trying the item.

3. Please notify us of your final decision: Please let us know whether you have decided to keep or return the item no later than the end of the last trial day, either by email or phone. If we have not heard from you by the end of the last day of the trial, the sale will be considered final.

4. Deadline for return: For your convenience, we allow two extra business days beyond the trial period to actually initiate return shipment.

5. Item needs to be returned in same condition: Please be extra careful with the item during the test ride so that you can return it in the same condition as it was shipped to you. Damage to the item during the trial period will reduce the amount of your refund. Please be mindful of losing billet covers, leaving the item within chewing range of horses, of riding in bad weather that may lead to rain spots, etc. (Please be aware that even if someone else or someone else’s horse/dog/etc causes damage to the item, you will still be responsible with respect to the refund, as the item is considered your responsibility while in your care.) Deductions are extremely rare, but please just be extra careful while the item is in your possession. Most items will not be harmed by a test ride itself, rather it’s the handling around the barn area that has the most potential for damage, so please just use extra caution.

6. Procedure for item return:

       a. Notify us: First, please email or call by the end of your trial period to let us know that you are planning to return the item.

       b. Shipping Deadline: Next, initiate shipment of the item (to the address at the top of this form) within two           additional business days following the end of the trial period.

       c. Shipping methods: We accept shipments by UPS, Fed Ex Ground, USPS Priority Mail.

       d. A note about return shipping boxes and packing materials: Please note that different carriers have different requirements for appropriate box size and packaging in the event of an insurance claim. While our boxes meet requirements for our own insurance requirements, when you choose a carrier, their requirements may be different. When in doubt, call and ask the carrier. We will not be held responsible if you choose to use the same box/packaging for return shipping but you choose a carrier that later denies an insurance claim because they had different packaging requirements.

       e. Return Packing Tips: When you pack the saddle for its return shipment, it may be helpful to bear in mind the following suggestions:

              i. We recommend positioning the saddle pommel-down in the box.

              ii. Please make sure there is bubble wrap or foam in box to protect the saddle.

             iii. DO NOT ADD STYRAFOAM PEANUTS. These can wedge into the crevices of the saddle where they can be very difficult to remove. WE ASSESS A $5 REMOVAL FEE FOR ANY SHIPMENTS WHERE STYRAFOAM PEANUTS HAVE BEEN ADDED. Please be aware that if you ship via UPS Store or other ship-it place, they may use the peanuts without your knowledge

       f. Get a tracking number for the package: Please get a tracking number for the package when you ship and notify is with number. The tracking number is helpful for both parties to know when the package is expected to arrive. It also protects you by verifying if and when we have received the item on our end.

       g. Insure the package for the purchase price. Corsia Equestrian will not be held responsible for loss or damage on return shipping. Do hold on to the insurance paperwork in case there is a problem with the package being lost or damaged. Buyer is responsible for filing insurance claims. Any such claims are between buyer and the shipping carrier of their choice. (In other words, any refund for damage amounts from return shipping must be pursued from the carrier, not from us.) It is the buyer’s responsibility to get the saddle back to us in the same condition it was sent, so in the event of loss or damage on return transit, Corsia Equestrian will make a deduction against the refund for the damage/loss, and it will be the responsibility of the buyer to seek compensation through their carrier. Corsia Equestrian will cooperate with shipping claims in terms of providing photos or allowing carrier to send an adjuster to view box and packing materials. If the package is lost/damaged, and the buyer did not insure it or loses the proof of insurance necessary for buyer to file a claim with the shipping company, the buyer will still be responsible for the loss/damage of the item. Please protect yourself by getting insurance. Please note that while the decision of whether to honor an insurance claim is at the discretion of the carrier, it is not automatic. (In other words, be prepared for the fact that a carrier might still refuse to honor a claim even if the saddle is insured.) If carrier denies a shipping damage or loss claim made by buyer, Corsia Equestrian will not be held responsible. The buyer will still be responsible if the carrier denies an insurance claim. We are not responsible for any claims not covered by insurance, for example, failure of buyer to wrap the saddle in protective packing. To summarize, the buyer is responsible for the saddle at all times until it is safely delivered back to us as a return.

7. Refund

       a. Once we have received the item back, we will notify you that we have received it.

       b. Shipping/insurance charges are not refundable, so please note that your refund will be less the cost of shipping/insuring the item to you. The buyer is responsible for shipping/insurance costs both directions.

       c. Unless we are closed for vacation days (in which case we will notify you), we will be able to initiate your refund within 48 hours of receiving an item back in the same condition. (If an authorized agent signs for a package, for example those that arrive after hours, we may not actually receive the package until the following day, so please note that the date we actually receive a package may be a day later than the signature date shown by your tracking method in some cases. We will notify you to let you know that your refund has been issued. In the event there is any problem, we will notify you immediately.

              i. If the item is not in the same condition as shipped, a deduction will be made based on our estimate of the value change in the item based on the damage. (Deductions are very rare, but just need to be clear about what would happen if a buyer did let a horse chew on an item or otherwise cause damage to an item.) We have a full set of photos of each item, as a reference point for the condition of the item before shipment.

              ii. In the case of receiving an item back that has been damaged during the trial period, we will need one additional business day to research the appropriate deduction/decrease in market value due to the damage, so expect your refund to be delayed one day.

8. All Items are sold as-is: All items are sold "as is." Used items are not guaranteed to be free of wear or damage. Corsia Equestrian is not a manufacturer, and therefore cannot offer a guarantee on items. We expressly disclaim any and all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, warranties or merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. The trial period serves as your inspection period. You are welcome to have your trainer and/or saddler inspect the item during your trial (in fact we encourage you to do so). However, in fairness to the sellers we represent (as most of our inventory is sold on consignment for other people), we cannot accept refund or returns after the final sale has been made. Again, all items are sold as-is. No exceptions.

9. Care of your Item: You are welcome to condition the item during your trial. Please note that to preserve the life of your high-end saddle, most manufacturers recommend that you do NOT RIDE IN JEANS. Most of the high-end saddle manufacturers use soft calfskin leather on the seat, and riding in jeans will damage the calfskin leather over time. If you purchase a full calfskin saddle, please note that you must use calfskin stirrup leathers to protect the flaps.

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