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Specialty Saddle Fitting Services

We are proud to represent our partner, BUTET Saumur as BUTET Northeast by Corsia . 

Your personalized consultation begins with a thorough assessment of your horses’ build/conformation, age, breed, current muscle condition and profile requirements.

We then have our fitter determine which models are best suited for the individual horse and rider combination.  

After we determine which saddles work best for both you and your horse, we will begin a riding analysis to further compare saddle-fit with movement.

We do also offer detailed topography and measurements (back and wither tracings) that are analyzed and kept for future reference/changes.

Butet Saddles have numerous technical options to offer a super customized fit as well as a wool panel option which allows our saddle's panel shapes to be adjusted in the future.  

Custom Butet Saddle Fitting Request

Thanks for your request!

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