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Perfect Harmony EQ


Perfect Harmony EQ™ is a show-safe daily liquid top dress that addresses hormone-related behavior in mares, stallions and geldings.


What is Perfect Harmony EQ™?

Designed to naturally mimic the relaxing effect of Progesterone therapy on behavior, Perfect Harmony EQ™ is a liquid that provides a spectrum of nutraceutical ingredients that support healthy hormone balance and moderate a horse’s response to its environment. 

What Makes Perfect Harmony EQ™ “Perfect”?

  • Appropriate for mares, stallions and geldings where improved behavior is desired.
  • Safe to handle and contains no ingredients prohibited by regulating organizations. Requires no drug reports. 
  • Compatible with Progesterone compounds Regu-Mate and Altrenogest.
  • Fed daily, it quickly produces a quieter horse. Improved behavior may appear within 2 days of initial feeding and will continue with daily feeding.
  • Has no effects on mare’s normal estrus or stallion’s normal production of semen.
  • Delivered in a small palatable dose applied directly onto feed.
  • Variable dose adjustable to horse’s temperament and weight.
  • Clears system within 72 hours for breeding stock with no lingering effects.
  • Combines well with other Perfect Prep EQ™ formulas and all Perfect Products formulas.


Perfect Harmony EQ

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