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Decode BUTET Saddle Stamp & Stamp Help

Before reading further, please know that used saddles can be adjusted by third parties and the adjustment may not be on the stamp!

Sample Stamp:

1.5 P 16 23
22 21731
1.5= Flap size
P= Model - (P, L, M, C)
16 = Seat size
23 = Twist
S = Tree
MOU = Panel Type
DF= Foam Panel Configuration - You should speak to a BUTET rep as foam panels can differ greatly and affect fit
22= Year
21731= Serial Number

BUTET Flap Info:
1- Short, 2 Standard, 3 Long
.25, .50, .75 = projection of flap. .25 is slightly forward, .50 is forward, .75 extra forward

BUTET Tree Info:
S- Standard, W- wide, EW- Extra Wide

BUTET Panel Info-
MOU- Standard Foam, MOS - Extra Soft "S" Foam, LAI- Wool

BUTET Model Info:
P- Flat Seat, L- Semi Flat Seat, M- Medium Deep Seat, C- Deep Seat

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